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How To Edit PDF Online For Free On Laptop

PDF files are increasingly becoming the ultimate form of document sharing, whether in an educational or professional setting. When reviewing PDF files, one often wonders how to annotate the file or edit the digital document and keep it saved.


Editing PDF files can initially seem frustrating and challenging. The most common worry is the storage space used by the edited file, especially when working in a creative field. This worry is needless, as the edited files can also be stored on a laptop with minimum storage space. 


The steps on how to edit PDF files in laptop are quite simple, and using a tool like Adobe Acrobat online services can make it much simpler and worth the time spent with its range of features provided to users.

Why Is Editing PDF Files On A Laptop Useful?

Editing PDF files remains a beneficial option for businesses, employees, and students. It has now become a way to handle the workload more efficiently than earlier since editing files according to someone else, or instances like signing a contract with distant clients has become easier with this digital PDF editor. 


When looking over contracts, presentations, or catalogues, one can always add or remove images or text, which becomes a seamless task with a PDF editor on a laptop. Businesses might sometimes just want to keep the information updated in their files, and being able to edit a PDF file on a laptop makes it easier and faster than curating the entire information again. 

How To Edit PDF Files On A Laptop?

Editing PDF invoice on laptop
ALT Text: Adobe Acrobat as PDF editor


If you wondering how to edit PDF files in laptop, it is quite easy; just follow the below mentioned steps and edit the required file in no time:


  • Open the file you want to edit in Adobe Acrobat 
  • Click on the ‘edit PDF’ option on the right pane on the screen
  • Use the Adobe Acrobat tool to make the required changes like:
  • Adding a new text, editing a text, updating the fonts using the selections option from the format list
  • Add, replace, move, or resize images in the file if you want to use selections from the objects list
  • Use other tools to make further edits in the PDF, like wedding a watermark or annotating
  • Save the edited file by naming it and clicking on the ‘Save’ button 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A PDF Editor Tool?

There are multiple benefits to using PDF editor tools. The tool has prominent features like simple functioning, good speed, locating specific texts, and a high zooming function, which aim to make the user experience more user-friendly. It also allows users to insert comments in the PDF or highlight text, which comes in handy when reviewing contracts or documents.


The best part of using a tool like Adobe Acrobat when editing PDF files on a laptop is that it provides a way for full-page editing, paragraphs, and formatting that automatically adjusts when a text box, lines, or bullet points are added to the PDF editor

Seamless PDF Editing On The Go

An online PDF editor tool allows users to edit PDF files from anywhere with powerful tools and even fix typos in the file. All changes, whether text or graphic, can be made with a single tap without any hassle. Edit your PDF files easily and reliably with Adobe Acrobat online services. Start your free trial today and experience seamless PDF editing!


  1. Can you add images in a PDF online?

Yes, Online tools like Adobe Acrobat give you the power to add new images to the PDF without any hassle when editing it. 

  1. Can you crop images on a laptop in a PDF?

Yes, you can crop the existing images along with new ones on your laptop when making changes to the PDF.

  1. Does an online PDF editor work on mobile phones as well?

Yes, you can edit your PDF files on your mobile phones as well using an online PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat.

  1. How to save the changes in an edited PDF when using online PDF software?

After you are done making changes, simply click on the save button before closing the file to save your changes using the online PDF software. 

  1. Is it possible to get signatures using online software?

Yes, online software is a simple tool to use when you need a digital signature on any file. 

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