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“Top 10 Industry Experts You Must Follow for Groundbreaking Insights and Innovations!”

In a rapidly evolving world, staying ahead means following industry leaders driving future innovations. These visionaries in healthcare, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology are transforming industries with their groundbreaking work. Discover the top ten experts whose insights and contributions are creating new opportunities and redefining trends, offering valuable inspiration and knowledge. Dive into their profiles to explore their pioneering efforts.

1)     Mr. Jay Sharan

 Mr. Jay Sharan is a self-taught photographer from New Delhi, India now based in Vancouver, Canada. His best clicked pictures have been featured on National Geographic YourShot, YouPic, Pixoto, Photocrowd, ViewBug, and 35 Awards Russia. Jay won the SIG Photography Competition by Amazon India for Food Photography (2018) and Halloween (2019), and received the prestigious Asian Excellence Award in 2022. He creates digital content, showcased on his Instagram handle, @jvsphotogallery . 

2)     Shadab Hussain

Shadab Hussain is a distinguished leader in GenAI and Quantum Computing, currently serving as a Senior Associate at MathCo. He co-founded Quantum Computing India and has an extensive background in AI,  Engineering, and Quantum. Shadab previously worked as a Developer Advocate at the London Stock Exchange Group. A published researcher and co-author of a quantum computing book in finance, he contributes to Google Developer Groups and AWS Community, and speaks at key events like Data Engineering Summit, Quantum Innovation Summit, and Quantum.Tech.

3)     Rakesh Roshan Exin

Rakesh Roshan EXIN organizes nationwide free awards and fashion shows for disabled children, social workers, and transgenders. He has appeared in TV shows like “Tenali Rama ” and “Pushpa Impossible” on Sab TV. Rakesh is dedicated to serving the elderly in वृद्ध आश्रम and provides free spiritual services through Mala Hari Nam Kirtan. He believes in the power of chanting the Mahamantra for blessings in life. His diverse contributions embody his commitment to social and spiritual upliftment.

4)     Mr. Shaikh Jahangir Husein

The visionary founder of DIESEL Brand Hand Safety Tools, is orchestrating a paradigm shift for hand safety among India’s industrial workforce. His unwavering commitment to workers safety has birthed state-of-the-art Hand Safety Tools, redefining industrial standards. Under Husein’s leadership, DIESEL Brand Hand Safety Tools are markedly reducing workplace Hand Accidents and Injuries, cultivating a safer, more secure environment for Industrial workers nationwide. His relentless dedication to safety and innovation is profoundly transforming the landscape of India’s industrial sector. He is The Pioneer of Diesel Brand Fingersaver Tool in India.

5)     Chintan Prakash

Chintan Prakash Adva, MD & CEO of Integrated Risk Insurance Brokers Limited, has significantly transformed the adoption, acceptance & penetration of insurance in Rural India through his strategic leadership and innovative approach. He also ideated and petitioned for the mandatory implementation of the PANIC Button in all commercial vehicles nationwide, receiving acknowledgment from the Prime Minister’s Office. Adva was instrumental in the implementation of major government insurance schemes such as Swami Vivekananda Yuva Suraksha Yojana, Jyotirgmay Vima Yojana (aka Jan-Dhan Yojana). Currently, he is working on reducing motor insurance claims by implementing ‘Intensity Based Horns in All Vehicles’ and is launching an AI-based insurance portal, ‘BuyPolicyNow’ &  India’s first truly cashless card, CAMO, by October 2024. A philanthropist at heart, Adva believes in Karma, further enriching his contributions to society and the industry.

 6)     Amogh Sachdev
Amogh Sachdev has over a decade of experience in E-commerce and Spearheads SW Cybernetics which is a marketplace agency that helps businesses establish, manage, and grow their e-commerce sales across Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa,Myntre etc. SW Cybernetics is one of the leading agencies focused on scaling marketplaces for brands. With over a decade of experience and a strong team they have been able to deliver robust growth for their clients. SW Cybernetics works with over 75 leading national and shark tanks brands for their entire E-commerce strategy. They have also consulted over 100 SME’s for their digital transformation and E-commerce strategies.   Now they are enabling Indian businesses and enterprises to go global with their cloud-based infrastructure and business intelligence. They also have educated over 1000 entrepreneurs on how to scale and hack their Amazon business growth.

7)     Manoj Choudhary

Voice German, founded by Manoj Choudhary in 2011, began with just five students. After completing his MBA, Manoj gained two years of experience at Palriwala Vocational Training & Research Institute before dedicating himself full-time to Voice German in 2013. Since 2019, the organization has been based in Jaipur and has grown to over 9000 students. Voice German is a market leader in German language education and also assists students with admissions and job placements in Germany, including the Ausbildung Program.

8)     DJ Prithvi Sai

DJ Prithvi Sai, an industry sensation, began his career at just 10 in 2008, becoming Asia’s Youngest DJ. With 16 years of experience, his electrifying performances and hit tracks like “Paroo,” “Oceans,” and “Bodhi” have garnered global acclaim, earning him the title of “Emerging Best EDM Artist in Asia.” His remix albums, “The Big Bangers,” are fan favorites. Following his successful Thailand Tour, he’s set to captivate audiences on his Australia Tour in July. Known for his passion for recreating classics and new-age music, DJ Prithvi Sai is poised to reclaim his title as the best Indian DJ in 2024.

(9)     V.V. Manjula Kumari

V.V. Manjula Kumari is a distinguished Consultant Physiotherapist with over 19 years of experience specializing in non-surgical obesity management. As the CEO of Varanaa’s Healthcare Research and Training Organization LLP, she has been instrumental in pioneering and implementing the “Comprehensive Approach in Conservative Management of Obesity.” Her innovative techniques and dedication to patient care have led to the successful treatment of over 10,000 patients, setting new standards in obesity management.

Her academic credentials are impressive, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the University of Montana and a Ph.D. from the International Institute of Church Management (IICUT) in Cambodia. Throughout her career, Manjula Kumari has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, notably the Karmaveer Chakra Award, which highlights her contributions and commitment to advancing healthcare practices.

Manjula Kumari’s relentless dedication to holistic care and her innovative approach continue to make significant impacts, benefiting both her patients and the wider community of physiotherapists.

10) Dr. Himanshu D. Tiwari

Dr. Himanshu D. Tiwari stands out as a top sports physiotherapist, chiropractor, and strength and conditioning coach in India. Renowned for his holistic approach, he combines advanced chiropractic techniques with personalized physiotherapy and targeted strength training. His methods not only prevent and treat injuries but also boost athletic performance. Dr. Tiwari’s expertise has been pivotal for high-profile sports teams and athletes, ensuring they achieve peak physical condition. As a dedicated educator, he conducts workshops and seminars, shaping the future of sports therapy and inspiring upcoming professionals. His commitment to excellence and personalized care makes him a leader in the field.


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