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India’s Top 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2024

Carrying forward the torch of innovation, these influential entrepreneurs are shaping the future of India with their visionary ideas and transforming them into successful businesses. From pioneering in advanced AI computed data analytics and cybersecurity to launching luxury traditional decor, these entrepreneurs are capturing global markets. Through their grit and determination, they have carved their path to becoming India’s most influential entrepreneurs. 

So let’s take a deep dive to learn more about their entrepreneurial journeys and unveil their story with us. 

1.Gaurav Bhasin

Gaurav Bhasin, the CEO and Proprietor of HOME MAX INDIA is a creative entrepreneur donning several hats. Fuelled by a passion for designing, Gaurav transitioned from the corporate sector to business. With over 16 years of experience in the textile realm, Gaurav’s entrepreneurial pursuits led him to craft HOME MAX successfully operating in Surat.

Gaurav’s adaptability to take up each role with agility helped him to handle the reigns of his company. Under his stewardship, HOME MAX boasts more than 150 SKUs across their product line categories. Gaurav is continuously on the lookout for new avenues and is steadfast in achieving a turnover of INR 50 crores by FY2026. 

2.Jay Vasdewani

The dynamic entrepreneur Jay Vasdewani has made waves in the startup industry with Latitude Technolabs Pvt Ltd. Jay’s quick assessment of the growth of startups made him launch Latitude Technolabs, a leading IT services company, enabling progressive startups to have their own professional website.

Jay has earned his degree in Master of Science from the revered University of Minnesota, USA. His successful corporate stint in the USA armoured him with invaluable experience that equipped him with technical expertise and made him aware about the challenges of the startup culture.

With the vision to empower India, Jay left the states in 2007. Now he is steadfast in bridging the gap between innovation and ideas with Latitude Technolabs, a company focussed on assisting startups in crafting robust and market-ready MVPs.

3.Raj Varma

Raj Varma is a seasoned global business leader and technology expert, having 20+ years of expertise in AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

He is the CEO of RiVirtual Inc, a pioneer in real estate intelligence. Raj has played a pivotal role in leveraging the position of RiVirtual globally due to which the company has marked its presence in 20+ countries.  

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and IIM, Lucknow Raj spearheads the company’s R&D, concentrating on real estate AI advancement, testing, and data security solutions.

Raj has been vocal about his views on AI ethics, data governance and cyber risk management. Raj is also passionate about philanthropy. He has founded COBOT council, providing education to underserved youth in India with a focus on STEM and technology skills.

4.Vidyaranya Vijayapura

The forward-thinking entrepreneur Vidyaranya Vijayapura harboured a dream of revolutionizing the industry. With his innovative venture, AADS (Ants Applied Data Science) launched in 2018, he was able to transform the business landscape.

Since then, he has been instrumental in powering technology with business. Vidyaranya’s rich experience of running three ambitious ventures made him realise the need for streamlining the operations. After which, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and collaborated with companies to harness the power of data science and AI.

 Vidyaranya Vijayapura’s journey epitomises both passion and persistence, enabling him to turn ideas into practical solutions. Now his brainchild, AADS is helping its clients to stay ahead of their competitors.

5.Ketan Vora

Ketan Vora is the visionary founder, Managing Director and CEO of WAA Cables Pvt. Ltd (WAACAB), the leading cables and wires manufacturer brand based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 

Under Ketan Vora’s leadership, the brand has received critical appreciation from famous business magazines. His brand WAA was awarded the “Best Quality Product of the Year 2022” by Vyapaar Jagat and “Cable Excellence Awards 2022-23” by Industrial Outlook. He also made it to Energetica India Magazine’s “40 under 40 entrepreneurs” list for emerging as a beacon of inspiration for others. 

Ketan Vora has held prominent positions in his 15 years of corporate industry career and was the former VP of WAAREE Group and the Plant Head at WAAREE Fujian Ltd, China. Ketan Vora is steadfast in scaling the business through his extensive industry experience and is aiming for market expansions and development.

6.Tiju Antony

Tiju Antony, the visionary founder and Managing Director of Tiju’s Academy, the no1. OET Training Institute in Kerala. Having an experience of more than a decade, the renowned Grammarian and entrepreneur, Tiju Antony has revolutionised language training.

Under Tiju’s dynamic leadership, the academy has become a premier destination for aspirants aiming to crack OET, IELTS, PTE and CBT exams with ease. Presently, Tiju Antony has successfully trained more than 1 lakh students and is aiming to expand its roots.

The academy is a testament to the grit of Tiju Antony, who steered the academy from 8 students to building a family of more than 20,000 students.

7. Dr Ashish Solanki

Dr Ashish Solanki is a distinguished physician and a dynamic leader, with vast experience in healthcare, humanitarian development and corporate social responsibility. He holds esteemed positions as the Director of Development at Lilavati Hospital, Program Manager at the American India Foundation and is also a California Business and Wellness Coach. 

Dr Solanki is a certified B.A.M.S, M.D. and holds an MBA specialising in HHM and International Business. He has led the vaccination programme at the American India Foundation and is the senior faculty at a renowned California-based Anti-Aging Centre. With 24 years of practice, he has successfully treated over 10,000 patients.

Dr Solanki’s profound journey to wellness extends beyond healthcare into business. He has been instrumental in spearheading the business development of hospitals in Mumbai and Pune. His exceptional business acumen led to his appointment as Head Panellist for the 2024 Investor Summit in Ahmedabad. 

8. Jyotirmaya Dhhal

The innovative founder of Crafts Odisha, Jyotirmala Dhhal is a budding entrepreneur who transitioned from tech to craft. With her background in B.Tech, Jyotirmaya explored several domains from working as a network marketer to co-founding a Web Designing company in Bangalore and a software startup in Odisha. 

Her business pursuits led her to an adventurous escapade to Odisha, where her love for arts and crafts bloomed which gave birth to CRAFTS ODISHA in 2016. Born out of deep admiration for Odisha’s rich cultural heritage, CRAFTS ODISHA is attracting global clients from the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore.

Jyotirmaya’s commitment to showcasing the artistic brilliance of Odisha has been lauded by all. Through her work, she is empowering the local artisans by creating jobs for them and making their work recognised by the world. 

9. Vijay Chander

Vijay Chander is a pioneer in the realm of data-driven marketing automation. He is the visionary CEO and co-founder of Plumb5, a real-time customer engagement platform. 

Vijay is a certified Leas Six Sigma Black belt and an alumnus of SJCE, Mysore from where he pursued his course in Mechanical Engineering. His undying love for Data & Technology made him steer towards launching Decisive Analytical Systems and with his profound efforts Plumb5 has achieved monumental success. 

Prior to this, Vijay had a successful stint in the corporate sector. He was the National OEM Engagement Manager at XEROX and regional sales in charge at ICI India Ltd. His expertise in leveraging data analytics and advanced AI-driven solutions has helped Plumb5 to emerge as a trailblazer in the field of MarTech. 

10. Praveen Dixit

Praveen Dixit, a seasoned entrepreneur is the visionary founder of Link Information Technology seeded in 1995. He started his entrepreneurial journey by opening a small computer centre and transformed it into a flourishing data management outsourcing company. 

Dixit has an enriching experience of 28 years and is steering Link infotech to success by recruiting genuine panels across the globe. The company boasts of over a million panellists in various sectors. For his thought leadership, Praveen Dixit was bestowed with the “Most Influential Market Research Professional Award” in 2018. His hunger for exploring new and innovative tools for enhancing data processing & management is driving the company to the pinnacle of success.

The contribution of these entrepreneurs in boosting the Indian economy is truly admirable. They have not only generated profits but have also created employment opportunities and empowered other businesses by collaborating with them. Their dynamic management skills, decision-making ability, resilience and adaptability make them stand out as successful entrepreneurs that every business enthusiast should look for in 2024. 

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