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Champions Club Announces Triumphant Merger Spree: Elevating Experiences on Land I Air I Water

Bangalore, April 10, 2024 – At HICSA (Hotel Investment Conference – South Asia), Champions Club, a global leader in experiential tourism and hospitality, welcomed Azur Group, with a vision to grow globally and deliver exceptional customer service with one stop solution for all Luxury & Experiential needs. To enhance this more, Champions Club has introduced an Elite Club Membership for its loyal customers and a B2B Loyalty Program for its partners globally.

With a strategic amalgamation and joining of the verticals and establishments such as Longevity Wellness clubs, Champions Ranch, Champions Yacht Club – Goa, Champion Yachts – Dubai, Champions Aviation, Champs Sailing Club in Vijayawada, and the Champion Products encompassing Health.fit, Bake.fit, Yoga.fit, and Liquid.fit, Champions Club continues to set new standards in luxury, offering a comprehensive solution for all your lifestyle and experiential needs.

The strategic merger aims to position Champions Club at the forefront of tourism, hospitality and longevity, offering unique solutions meticulously designed to empower a global clientele.

Subhakar Rao, the Visionary Chairman, stated, “With this strategic merger, Champions Club stands at the forefront of a transformative global growth journey, leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements. Our global clientele can now access an inclusive suite of experiential travel, longevity, and wellness solutions, seamlessly integrated under one roof.”

Hema Malini Nidamanuri, Managing Director emphasizes the profound strategic benefits, enabling access to a global client base and enhancing F&B offerings with healthier, personalized solutions. This Ugadi, as we embrace the spirit of new beginnings, these alliances signify our commitment to elevate hospitality experiences while honoring traditional values and embracing innovation.


Ankit Choudhary, CEO added, “This merger and realignments will reinforce our commitment to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients. Being a one-stop solution concierge in luxury experiences, for both B2B & B2C, we’re stepping into a new era characterized by unmatched service standards and bespoke experiences tailored to the discerning needs of our global clientele.”

Sreekar Surapaneni, Director of The Longevity Health Club and Health.fit division, highlighted the collaboration’s potential to position their solutions as comprehensive providers across industries, ensuring executives’ health and happiness through unique treatments and experiences. This strategic move broadens their reach and impact significantly.

The collaboration aims to enhance Champions Club’s offerings in bespoke experiences, memberships, private yachts, and air charter, catering to evolving business needs. Furthermore, envisioning a healthier tomorrow with organic foods, holistic yoga, meditation, and wellness treatments, including longevity solutions. The integrated expertise across various segments promises a superior customer experience, revolutionizing luxury travel and wellness solutions worldwide.

Key Members’ Perspectives:

– Kiran Addala, COO: “The integration of these three outstanding companies has already begun to show us the path to success.”

Uma Shankar, CMO of Champions Club, is excited for the growth journey ahead, aiming to enhance customer experiences while expanding into broader happiness and health business realms for global outreach.

Naveen Kumar, VP Middle East Operations: “The alignment of global operations significantly enhances offerings and presence.”

C R Prakash, Demand generation head, hailed the milestone for Champions group, emphasizing its value through memberships, luxury amenities, memorable experiences, bonding opportunities, business deals, and continuous improvement.

Srinivas Murthy, CIO: “Customer experience today extends to app and online, making our concierge services available from anywhere.”

Nagendra P, VP Finance: “The merger of strengths helps us improve and extend our offerings for our global clients.

Bhanu Prakash, HR Manager: “This alignment of resources across the company will improve employee satisfaction and skill improvement to enable superior customer experiences.”

Arun Kumar, Travel Desk: “Our unique luxury travel experiences further improve and make our customer experiences world-class.”

Farah Tabassum, Customer Experience Manager: “Join us at Champions Club as we venture into this exciting journey, heralding a new era of growth.”

Phani Kondeti, Goa Yacht Club Manager: “The combination of luxury yachts and unique travel experiences with this merger allows Champions Club to offer superior experiences.”

Sharon, Dubai Customer Experience Head: “The merger is bound to result in a significant increase in the quality of services offered by Champions Club.”

About Champions Club:

Champions Club, the experiential & luxurious wing of Champions Group is a leading global provider of bespoke experiences and luxury solutions on land, air, and water. Champions Group has offered services to over 6300 firms and tens of thousands of clients globally. With core capabilities in luxury experiences, global CEO events, yacht charter, private air charter, wedding and corporate events, longevity and health, and happiness focus, and membership solutions, Champions Club has been curating unique experiences and delivering happiness along with longevity club solutions to its global clientele.

More at www.champions.club/champions-club-announces-triumphant-merger-spree and www.champions.club 

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