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From Days to Hours: How HashFame is Speeding Up Influencer Marketing

Bengaluru, 10 April 2024: HashFame, an intentionally simple mobile application is gradually changing behaviours among marketers. With its straightforward approach, HashFame is turning what was once a three-day discovery and engagement process into a matter of three hours, establishing a new benchmark for speed and effectiveness among marketers.

At the heart of HashFame’s offering is a significant reduction in the time it takes for marketers, brands, and agencies to identify and connect with the right influencers. This enhanced discoverability is complemented by an equally impressive decrease in response times from creators, who are part of HashFame’s carefully vetted network. The result is an unprecedented increase in marketer efficiency, with the platform boasting a potential to boost productivity by at least 150%.

HashFame’s commitment to quality and exclusivity is further underscored by its invite-only model, designed specifically for brands and agencies. This approach ensures that each participant in the HashFame ecosystem is of the highest calibre, fostering meaningful collaborations that stand out in a crowded market.

Anirudh Sridharan, Co-Founder and Head of Product & Growth at HashFame, reflects on the platform’s unique position in the market: “At HashFame, we’ve always believed that the right connection can make all the difference. By significantly cutting down the time it takes to find and engage with influencers, we’re not just streamlining a process; we’re trying to engineer serendipity.”

Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, Product Mentor at HashFame, highlights the app’s standout feature, “HashFame simplifies the process of finding and teaming up with influencers. With the HashFame app, brands can easily discover the right influencers for their campaigns and connect with them in no time. We’re all about making influencer marketing straightforward and effective, helping brands and influencers collaborate seamlessly for successful partnerships.”

In an era where time is of the essence, HashFame is poised to become an indispensable tool for brands and agencies looking to navigate the complexities of influencer marketing with ease and speed. As the platform continues to grow, its impact on the industry is expected to be both transformative and lasting.

About HashFame App

HashFame is a vetted creator network that prioritizes direct connections between marketers (agencies & brands) and creators. HashFame is harnessing the power of its vast network of 70,000+ creators across a wide range of categories, all within an elite, invite-only framework.

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