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Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere, Technology Consultant Receives Prestigious Recognition at Global Research Conference University of Oxford

Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere

Technology Consultant – Automotive Domain

(Specializing in Validation and Test Automation – Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and ADAS ECU Systems) presented his Research at Global Research Conference at University of Oxford United Kingdom. 


Today’s world of automotive has taken a leap with respect to the technological advancements. ADAS is a technology heavily involving the AI for its intense computing and inference generation. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are a direct example of the AI in action on roads.


AVs will be a reality in the upcoming years and is expected to see a wide variety of application across industries. To name a few, delivery/logistics, transport, construction, military and many more in pipeline.  AVs are being developed and planned to be deployed in a phased manner (Level 0-5).


At level-5 with the highest intelligence in the vehicle, there would be no intervention feasible by humans and proves the AI capabilities.


The innovation and implementation is sensor technologies is huge and is a major contributor to this industry.


Infotainment and Instrument cluster serve as windows to the vehicle and expect to behave close to human eyes and ears.

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