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17 Year Old Documentary Filmmaker Rhea Bakshi’s Awarded “Young Achievers’ Award”

New Delhi, November 07, 2023: 17-year old documentary award winning filmmaker Rhea Bakshi’s was presented with the prestigious “Young Achievers’ Award” by the Indian Achievers’ Forum. This distinction wa awarded in recognition of Rhea’s unmatched contribution and creative passion to enhance India’s image across the world and delivering worldwide socio-economic impact for the millions of Indian artisans through her documentary “India’s Treasures”, which was earlier in the year awarded with the finalist laurels at New York International Film Awards. 


The Indian Achievers Awards are presented to individuals and organizations in recognition of their exceptional achievements, success within their respective domains and that directly or indirectly impact the socio-economic welfare of India. The awards are governed by a well-established advisory board comprising accomplished and prominent individuals and heads of organizations who have attained the highest levels of achievement in diverse fields such as politics, arts, sports, business, technology and academia.

On being awarded the “Young Achievers’ Award”, the filmmaker and 12th class economics student Rhea Bakshi said, “I am grateful to the award jury of the Indian Achievers’ Forum that has bestowed me with this distinct honour and responsibility. It’s like living a dream! My journey with filmmaking started with a mission to demonstrate the irreplaceable value of Indian craftsmanship and the need to celebrate it on a global scale. The focal point for this film was inspired from Prime Minister’s Narendra Modiji’s mission of inclusive economic growth, which I believe is critical to realise the vision of making India the world’s third-largest economy.”

“I am overjoyed that this recognition which will the strengthen the voice of the Indian artisans, especially women. I would like to share this award with the millions of unsung Indian artisans who have immensely enriched my mission and propelled my career goal of making meaningful impact in Indian and global economies,” Rhea added.

Rhea Bakshi directed “India’s Treasures”, an intimate journey into the enchanting world of one of India’s centuries-old traditional art forms – handmade silver jewellery – adorned by the royalties across all continents. A class 12 economics student of The Shri Ram School, her documentary travels through the magical Rajasthan, Jharkhand and narrow lanes of old Delhi to embrace artisans’ lives and showcase their pride, fears, sacrifice and passion while creating and preserving India’s distinct identity.

The handicraft sector in India plays a vital role in driving the country’s economy, employing over 7 million artisans and impacting the livelihoods of over 200 million people. The documentary emphasized the need to celebrate these artisans and preserve their unique skills – the true treasures of India’s heritage – underscoring the power of sustainable development where everyone can contribute and earn with fair and equal access to resources and opportunities.

The director and creator Rhea Bakshi, an ardent admirer of the traditional handmade silver jewellery, introduced inspiring stories of inclusive economic growth. It also showcased how the sector is empowering disadvantaged women facing cultural and economic barriers through skill-building, offering them a path to a better future, transforming their lives, enabling them to financially contribute to their families well-being.

For more information and interview with Award Winner Rhea Bakshi, please contact @ 9810999796

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